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November 14, 2003
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Noia Shell32 Pack Ver.2.0 by Kasteo Noia Shell32 Pack Ver.2.0 by Kasteo
This is the Shell32.dll and some other files port with Noia 2.0 icon set.

- Noia AVI files are made by Hush66 [link]
- Log-off/shutdown dialog boxes by @ding [link]

This Shell32 Pack is for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (any versions/languages).

::::: Noia Shell32 Pack included :::::

Permission for use of Noia granted by Carlitus.
Much thanks to Carlitus for the great icon set.

::::: Updated version 2.0 (06/19/2004) :::::
- Updated the install system to support every Windows XP and Windows Server 2003(any versions/languages).

** To install click Install.cmd (need to run in the Safe mode).

::::: Updated version 1.3 (04/24/2004) :::::
- Updated the core system files to WindowsXP SP2 V.2096

::::: Updated version 1.2 (01/11/2004) :::::
- Fixed calc32.exe error.
- Change several icons to match the theme.
- Add Noia style log-off/shutdown diaglog box.
- Add theme installer "Theme change.bat".
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If you changig system files like icons etc. there is two thing to cleanup to have effect.
C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\IconCache.db need to be erased, xp wil make new one.
C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache is place where xp holding files to work with, sou if you find files that you are replacing with relacer delete it if you see them in dllcache folder.
To see dllcache folder: folder options-view-hide protected operating system files = uncheck
Hey,I installed it and there is no effect
please help :(
Hey,I installed and there is no effect at all
Please need help :(
Hey,I installed and dont have any of this like in the picture.Only minor changes.
How to make it dark ?
I saw the theme for Firefox first. I thought : "Wow ! I want it !".
I had never used a theme for Firefox before and I was used to say : "useless !". Now I can't imagine to come back to default.
Then I saw this theme for XP. Fortunately I'm still using XP on a notebook and I'm going to use this theme, just for my eyes pleasure.
It's an XP Pro SP3 32 bits... will I have some trouble ?
I hope you'll find time to do the same for Seven. Thanks.
Hey I installed it but I nned to uninstall it for just one week. How do I uninstall it.
Click uninstall button
where is it?
Where is the uninstall botton
Dear Deviant,
I downloaded the Noia Shell32 Pack Ver.2.0 and installed it. I did everything they said to do but it doesn't work.
I noticed that it explains that it's for Win XP SP2. I'm running XP SP3. Does that have an affect on Noia Shell32 Pack Ver.2.0's workability?
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